If your company is also looking for more areas where you can become greener, then packaging and printed matter is a good place to start.

When it comes to packaging, it is important to choose recyclable products.

Packaging is described as recyclable when it can be collected, processed and afterwards used again in the form of new materials or products. It is important to note that monomaterial and transparent plastic are better recyclable.


A guideline in choosing cardboard packaging and papers is to look for the FSC label. FSC is an international collaboration between environmental organizations, human rights organizations, forestry and timber traders.

The aim is to promote environmental, social and economic responsibility in connection with forestry. The brand is recognized by green organizations such as WWF, Nepenthes and Greenpeace. The label is not organic but ensures that animals and plants are protected and that the people who work in the forest are ensured the best possible conditions with education, safety and pay.


Another question that can be asked to advantage is whether it is possible to reduce packaging consumption? Can there be packaging that fits better in size to the products the company sends?


A good training of the company’s package of employees can be a great advantage when starting up a new system. Know all the company’s environmental attitudes and strategies so the best result is achieved.



Many webshops can advantageously choose to have several sizes of packaging to choose from so that packaging consumption can be minimized. Here is possibly. also the opportunity to save on freight depending on which transport solution is chosen for the shipments.


A good environmentally friendly package filling used by many poster printing companies is Farmfill box filling which benefits the environment in several respects as it is made from organic corn granules – a residual product from corn. The filling is made using water vapor and without chemicals. The box filling is super shock-absorbing and protects the goods effectively and safely. Even fragile goods can advantageously be packed and shipped with this biofill. It is also easy for the recipient to dispose of the box filling in e.g. paper the waste container or in the compost bin.


When the packages are to be closed, it is also advantageous to look at a more environmentally friendly tape than the frequently used PVC tape. Instead, you can choose a partial paper tape or a PP solvent tape that is available in different versions.


If you need to use / attach various stickers, postcards or printed matter in the shipments, you can also look at the choice of environmentally friendly printing so you can reach all the way around with the green initiatives and ensure your customers a green and good experience with your shipments.