About Kompostbudene

Kompostbudene was started by a group of compost enthusiasts working to develop Copenhagen more sustainably by rethinking what we do with our green waste. Through years of experience with composting, we have noticed some of the challenges people have experienced with it. That is why we decided to help housing associations, companies, and institutions by implanting composting systems, routinely maintaining the compost, as well as providing general knowledge about how and what to compost, the process of it, and how to use it. We want to make compost an active part of city life.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are a green, socio-economic initiative that wants to help people get started with separating and repurposing household waste all while empowering local citizens throughout the process. One of our core values is providing jobs for socially disadvantaged citizens living in the city. We help to achieve this by collaborating with Aktivitetscenter Sundholm in Amager, where we create training programs and employment for the citizens there so that they can become part of green, local jobs. Through Kompostbudene, there is the opportunity for sustainable work and education.


Counseling and Compost Service

At Kompostbudene, we want to help people get started with composting. We help you throughout the process of handling and sorting your green waste – starting from the kitchen bin to the courtyard composter. We will help keep your compost healthy, so that you can use it for planting and be involved in greening the city.


Events and Workshops

We also hold composting workshops at various types of events where we encourage people to start up with composting. You can also book us to help you sort your green waste at your own event, dinner, or conference. We’ll drop off our compost event bike and pick up the green waste after, then put it aside for composting to use locally at urban gardens around the city. We want to share the message of compost and sustainability, inspire people, and be part in making our cities green.

We look forward to making composting easy and fun for you!


Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@kompostbudene.dk





Jemtelandsgade 3, 4. sal

2300 København S